1. The Project “Public Miles” promoted by the Institute Reclame Aqui, aims exclusively to target citizens without sufficient financial means who need airline tickets to and/or from destinations to travel for cultural, educational or sports events, or for health-related issues, and to unite these people with public figures or politicians who are willing to take part in the project by conceding miles obtained through flights for official trips.
    2. The project “Miles for the People” will receive applications on its site from citizens who wish to take part in the Project between the dates 25 March 2019 and 15 June 2019, and the deadline for issuing flight tickets is 6 months from the application date. The mentioned deadline will only possibly be extended by exclusive decision from the promotors of the project “Miles for the People”.
    3. The project “Miles for the People” is limited to the number of miles raised from agreements with politicians and partnerships with public agents.
    4. It is the responsibility of the promotors of the project “Miles for the People” to receive requests for participation, to assess eligibility, to analyse documents and to organize the issuing of flight tickets.
    5. Simply applying for the Project “Miles for the People” does not guarantee acceptance, which will be effective only after approval by a committee of 3 persons appointed by the promotors of the project. Approval will be communicated by E-mail to the address registered by the applicant up to 30 days after application.
    6. The issuing of flight tickets awarded to accepted registered citizens is strictly related to the participation of public agents or politicians. In the case of public agents or politicians unwilling to participate or withdrawing participation in the “Miles for the People” project, the promotors of the project are in no way responsible for issuing the flight tickets, even in the case of the applicant’s acceptance to the program.
    7. The project “Miles for the People” will issue solely the ticket to and/or from the destination and exclusively according to the terms mentioned above. All other costs and expenses regarding hotels, transport and food or personal expenses are the responsibility of the accepted candidate.

    1. Any citizen without financial means may apply. However, the application for minors (under legal age) must be made by a legal guardian.
    2. Acceptance is limited to cases regarding health, sports, education or culture.
    3. If necessary, the candidate may apply for one additional ticket to be issued to up to 1(one) chaperone, assessed by the promoters of the project.
    4. The candidate must, upon registration, supply the following documents:
    5. Copy of personal identification document and CPF of candidate and any chaperone.
    6. Proof of residence;
    7. Document proving the need to travel, including dates (i.e.: surgery appointment and/or medical consultation; qualification for sports tournament; qualification for mathematics contest; qualification to receive artistic award);
    8. Copy of professional document or salary statement or income tax declaration or proof of welfare benefits or other statement as proof of financial limitation;
    9. In the case of trips abroad, requiring a visa or not, the applicant must supply, at further request:
    10. Copy of passport with a minimum of 6 months (only for trips abroad);
    11. Copy of travel visa (only for trips abroad);
    12. If it is not possible to pay boarding fees with miles, the accepted candidate will be charged for the said fees and must deposit an equivalent sum into the bank account and send proof of payment, according to instructions included in the acceptance email.
    13. Children under the age of 14 must be chaperoned, when travelling, by a parent or immediate relative or an appointed adult, in which case they must include authorization.
    14. Teenagers above 16 must include authorization to travel issued by parents or legal guardians.
    15. For trips abroad, the candidate and chaperone must each present a valid passport and visa, if required for the country of destination. Costs regarding the issuing of passports and visas are the sole responsibility of the candidate.
    16. Requests for flight tickets for leisure reasons will not be accepted.
    17. The following are not eligible: corporate entities, relatives of politicians (up to 2nd degree relationship) or related to people employed by companies belonging to the group Óbvio Brasil.
    18. Upon acceptance, all communication will be performed by email to the address registered on the site for the project “Miles for the People”.
    19. The accepted candidate authorizes the use, free of charge, of his or her name and image obtained through photographs or filming during public activities promoted by the Institute Reclame Aqui, or through photographs or filming during private or reserved situations, for the purpose of dissemination, testimony of experiences or collaboration with activities of the Institute Reclame Aqui historical record, or any other purpose, the use of which may be public or private, always free, including, without restriction, magazines, billboards, newspapers, folders, websites, videos, posters, panels, prints and other means of communication.

    1. The acceptance of applications will depend upon approval by a committee made up of 3 persons appointed by the promoters of the project. Assessment will occur in chronological order regarding application and eligibility to the project will be granted to the candidate with a minimum of 2 votes by the committee.
    2. Priority for selection will be granted to candidates who require travel due to health-related issues.

    1. The tickets will be issued by public agents or partnering politicians who take part in the Project “Miles for the People”. The air miles will be obtained exclusively from official trips, paid for with public money, to perform professional duties.
    2. In case there is no public agent or politician willing to concede miles obtained through the use of flight tickets bought with public funds, the project “Miles for the People” or its promoters will not be held responsible or liable for the issuing of tickets.
    3. The public agents or politicians have no interference in the selection of candidates and take part in the project only to issue the tickets.
    4. Miles conceded by public agents or politicians to purchase tickets cannot, under any circumstance, be transferred to third parties or exchanged for money.
    5. The public agent or politician taking part in the Project will be responsible for issuing the tickets at the end of the procedure, due to the fact that the miles program is impersonal and untransferable.
    6. The issuing of tickets is strictly related to the receipt of valid documents upon registration. The applicant who does not include the requested documents on registration will be excluded from the project.
    7. In case of fraud, or ill-faith, the application will be cancelled.

    1. An applicant may withdraw at any moment before the authorization of ticket issuance.
    2. Once the candidate has authorized the purchase of his or her ticket, if the applicant wishes to withdraw from the Project WITHOUT A VALID CAUSE, he or she must pay a cancellation fee for the return of the miles, to enable use by another candidate with financial limitations.
    3. In case of cancellation due to a valid cause, (i.e. altered date of surgery/medical appointment, cancelled event, etc.), the candidate will be exempt of any cancellation fee.
    4. In the case of a cancellation after the candidate has paid boarding fees, there will be no refund of any sum.
    5. The members of the Project “Miles for the People” cannot be held responsible for any failure or fault in the services provided by the airline company.
    6. If the candidate or chaperone misses the return flight, it will be to their entire responsibility and the Project “Public Miles’ has no obligation to issue another ticket.